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The Jordan brand is the rare few that sits at the intersection of culture and sports, it is the brand unleashed by the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) - Jordan. My role as the global digital lead is to push the boundaries on digital communications for the brand and help to maintain its digital properties.

Although it seems like a single brand, the Jordan brand loves to compete with everything that Nike does in the communication space. It is said that if Nike is the Audi, then Jordan is the Porsche. Hence everything we produce for Jordan has to not only be better but has to kick Nike’s ass.

At Jordan I lead a team of creatives that produce campaigns and .com work for both North America and global markets. It is this mix of campaign and platform work that makes this role challenging and exciting.

The day to day is a constant flux of managing teams, clients and getting into sparing and debating sessions with creatives. The latter, is the part I enjoy the most, I love to see a nugget of an idea turn into gold. Shown below are some of the work that came out of those sessions. The Last Shot won Gold and 4 Silvers at Canneslions and 11 awards at the OneShow.

The Last Shot

Step into MJ’s shoes. Step back in time. At NBA All-Star Weekend in NYC, we gave people a chance to trial the brand’s latest performance shoes and take one of MJ’s high-pressure, championship-winning buzzer beaters. ‘The Last Shot’ is a fully immersive and interactive LED half court that transforms to Michael Jordan’s greatest moments – complete with era-specific crowds and iconic NBA and NCAA courts.

Jordan. com

I was leading the charge on Tasked in the creation of product category sections for all the shoe drops and campaign launches. The team would craft campaigns site from Marvin the martian to Carmelo Anthony's releases to the history of AJs. The goal is to make the pages visually interesting with a fine balance of product benefits and storytelling.

Jordan Training

The blueprint for greatness. The training app consist of Physical workouts & mental focus programs developed by the Jordan athletes and their trainers. Beyond the Gym and practice, the app provides the key to unlock greatness and become the Jordan athletes of tomorrow. ”